b_ritchie (b_ritchie) wrote,

First Appearance

Allow me to introduce myself!
I'm from streets international
grew up in the capitol,
my Atlanta's good to me (what do you see?)
A six foot punker
used to roll out in a junker
can't do anything now but believe (in my King)
So you got somethin to say?
Come on and say it to my face
is that your tongue waggin out in the wind? (oh hell no)
I'm afraid for you and pray before I slay you
and now you talk like one of my friends. (Here he goes)
Go on and talk shit about me
you can't live without me
you breathe just to say my name
and every time you do
just to remind you
you're only helping spread my fame.
Cause you are free advertising while my words are paralyzing
like that look in your mommas eyes.
Oh I mentioned your momma, little homesick are ya?
Now I guess you'll act a female and cry.
The difference between you and me has to be
that I don't give a damn about anybody's
opinion of me or are you too blind to see it
distracted behind the thick wall of bullshit
that is your ego now baby why don't we go
toe to toe on the floor of your home
before I crush your dome, you think you're grown
don't have the stones to roll with Teflon.
Between C-think and Mastery
everyday here has been like a class to me
A class to me of pure mastery
gaining immortality through songs about me.
And the words that flow come from my mind
no place to hide in the sight of my rhymes
the difference bein that I'll be seein
yo life at the end of the line.
If you cross me again we gon' have problems friend
and I don't trifle with a rifle when some little punk ass fifle
comes steppin to me, get a taste of my knee.
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