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Illusions of my Mind

16th June, 2008. 4:28 pm.

I think it was when, after my shift was over, three bottles of wine hit the table, followed by two more, and my supervisor said, "You'll be doing wine tasting today" that I realized:

I'm going to love my job.

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22nd May, 2008. 9:27 am.

In case anyone is interested, I started a training blog over at this URL:


Basically trying to chronicle my progress in preparation for rugby season.

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22nd April, 2008. 11:49 pm.

Do they even care what I have to say?
I doubt it.

"Well we didn't have this...we didn't have that...well my place was better...my place was this and Blount is shit."

Well fuck you very much.

I love this place. These people, this building, the whole idea of Blount is what kept me in college. I don't give two fucks how they do things over there, when you're in someone's place, you should at least try to be decent about it.

Just because you think you know everything about everything doesn't mean you have to talk all the fucking time. Please, occasionally, shut up.

You always have something to say.

Shut up.

What's that...you know some guy?


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7th March, 2008. 11:37 pm.

Tyler, David, Matt, Ben...

always someone else other than me...
fuck it. I don't really care anymore. If there ever was someone that I wanted who wanted me just as much then maybe this whole fucking planet would explode.

Also, I want to be where you are...in fact, I thought I would be. But then again why should I expect you to try to spend the time with me that you said you would?

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7th March, 2008. 11:25 pm.


There are more people that you know than one person that you know in this town?

That's right, there are.

You could come see those people, but no, you should probably just go home, that's easier.
It's so much easier than seeing someone that maybe would be good for you, and maybe is kind of head over heels for you. But that would be hard...it would be way too hard and take way too much energy to make that work.
So yea, it would be so much easier to just blow off a certain individual who would probably do anything for you because it would be much too hard to actually trust someone and to put your heart on the line like THAT PERSON IS DOING FOR YOU.


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22nd January, 2008. 12:09 pm.

Don't talk to me if you ain't got the answers I need
Yeah I've got problems
Can't you see I'm trying to solve them?

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27th November, 2007. 8:09 pm.

And the hand that you held then holds th guitar you hear now...

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14th November, 2007. 2:59 pm.

Brian Ritchie
RP #11- Sam Harris
Hatemongering or How I Learned to Stop Discussing and Attack Religion
Sam Harris is a smart man. He knows lots of big words and he has a firm grasp on the art of the metaphor. I’m sure he is well educated, but the book is far away from me and I don’t want to see if it lists his credentials. Harris opens up chapter one with an account of a suicide bomber attacking a bus, and although he neglects to divulge the religious beliefs of the boy, he challenges the reader to make an assessment as to what the assumed religion is. Most would say Muslim. It seems that the main point of Harris’s book, The End of Faith, is that religion is nothing more than a way for people to group themselves together and kill one another. He talks about the Crusades, the riots in the late twentieth century between the Palestinians and Jews, and touches on other, widely known instances of religious intolerance. He attacks religion on all fronts, from every angle, analyzing it’s creation, basic tenets of faith, and the actions of believers and concludes that it is a mere construction of the ancients to help understand things in their time and that it has outlived its purpose. He discusses how Islamic hatred of the West is not necessarily because the West is not Muslim; rather it is because a nation of infidels is surpassing their beloved land in all things technological and monetary. Mr. Harris says that it would be better if Osama Bin Laden “merely hated us”. He calls for a revamping of thought to the point where religion is no longer an issue. That religion no longer exists seems to be the end goal in this plan, and that reasonable thought is what should be sought, not imagined deities.
All that being said, I think Sam Harris is wrong. I do not hate him for writing what he has, he is entitled to his opinion. I also agree with much of it. Religion should not be used as an excuse to murder or cajole. The problem I have is the way in which Harris attacks religion throughout the book. He describes faith as something that “should not have survived an elementary education” and attacks the scientific knowledge that Christian scholars had available in the 14th century. First of all, the greatest scientific advances of the last two millennia have occurred in the last 200 years. The fact is that the technology has only recently – as broad as that term is – in the last two centuries and any comparison of knowledge of the natural world between then and now should have that fact taken into account. I think that Harris is a good writer, but instead of insulting faith with such rancor, he could have made much better use of his time by not criticizing in such harsh terms the faiths he obviously abhors, but try to dissect them. He describes their ideals and reasoning in very good terms when he is not being so curmudgeonly, and, again, I agree with much of what he says.
The atrocities that he criticizes for being carried out for religious

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8th November, 2007. 9:31 am.

So yea, I got back at 3:31 this morning...I left Birmingham at 2:31, I'd like to call that making good time.

In other news, I apparently get extremely tongue-tied to the point where I continuously put my foot in my mouth for hours on end when I'm around someone I'm attracted to. Ah, to be young and have no idea what I'm doing. Here we go, round 5...fight!

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31st October, 2007. 10:24 am. First Appearance

Allow me to introduce myself!
I'm from streets international
grew up in the capitol,
my Atlanta's good to me (what do you see?)
A six foot punker
used to roll out in a junker
can't do anything now but believe (in my King)
So you got somethin to say?
Come on and say it to my face
is that your tongue waggin out in the wind? (oh hell no)
I'm afraid for you and pray before I slay you
and now you talk like one of my friends. (Here he goes)
Go on and talk shit about me
you can't live without me
you breathe just to say my name
and every time you do
just to remind you
you're only helping spread my fame.
Cause you are free advertising while my words are paralyzing
like that look in your mommas eyes.
Oh I mentioned your momma, little homesick are ya?
Now I guess you'll act a female and cry.
The difference between you and me has to be
that I don't give a damn about anybody's
opinion of me or are you too blind to see it
distracted behind the thick wall of bullshit
that is your ego now baby why don't we go
toe to toe on the floor of your home
before I crush your dome, you think you're grown
don't have the stones to roll with Teflon.
Between C-think and Mastery
everyday here has been like a class to me
A class to me of pure mastery
gaining immortality through songs about me.
And the words that flow come from my mind
no place to hide in the sight of my rhymes
the difference bein that I'll be seein
yo life at the end of the line.
If you cross me again we gon' have problems friend
and I don't trifle with a rifle when some little punk ass fifle
comes steppin to me, get a taste of my knee.

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